When trying to decide on whether to buy a new home or an even an equivalent property from the existing housing stock it is worth that you consider buying a new home because there are significant benefits that come with buying new houses other than buying old houses. These benefits include, the new house will require less maintenance. This is because the home is new and it will not require any refurbishing or any redecorating for many years to come. There will be no need to replace the double gazing, the exterior or the interior paint the roofing slates and the only kind of maintenance that is necessary for a new home are cleaning.


The new house is environmentally friendly; this is because all new homes have to comply with all the government legislation regarding carbon dioxide emissions and this means they typically have better levels of insulation compared to the older counterparts. This means that in your new home you will have a reduction in your utility bills and especially if combined with a range of efficient water fittings, for example, the showers or even the dual flush toilets cisterns.  Those who seek answers can find it in


The other benefit is that the new homes come with a warranty. Most new homes are sold with the insurance backed Buildmark warranty that will cover your home against all defects at least for the first two years just in case the builder fails to meet NHBC standards. This warranty is extended for the next almost eight years so that it can protect you against any drainage or any structural defects.


The new homes have very good safety standards. The new homes are built to stringent safety standards, and they include fire doors, and are build with fire-resistant materials, have large enough windows in certain rooms so that they can allow you to escape in case there is a fire breakout, and it has mains powered smoke alarms. The new homes also come with an excellent collection of internal fixtures and other standard fittings. If you decided to upgrade an old house to that standard, it would cost you thousand dollars to bring this property to that standard. Know about custom home builder Virginia here!



These new homes also have extras like en-suite bathrooms and others like the downstairs cloakroom, and they include in the new buildings, and this is quite rare in the old properties. When you are buying a new home, you will not have to worry about things like poor surveys, gazumping and even onward chains. Once you reserve the house, the builder takes it off the market, and if the payment is complete within the time, you won't have to worry about the completion until you receive the house keys from the real estate agent. Contact custom home builders northern Virginia here!